Our Philosophy

A letter from the founder


I’m Miriam, founder & CEO of Nagaloka. With over a decade of experience in the hospitality, competitive sport and lifestyle sectors, I created Nagaloka to provide clients an unparalleled experience with a design company. At Nagaloka we know that lack of communication and attention to detail can make or break a partnership – so I made it a priority for us to provide outstanding customer service and deliver handcrafted products that match your business identity with your business needs.

A great digital presence is a must for any business. Creating an online identity that mirrors the quality of your business and provides a compelling experience for your customers, however, can be hard to achieve. By providing custom guidance and tailored solutions, Nagaloka can bring the best-practice digital products to your unique brand, creating a captivating client experience that will have your customers coming back again and again.

Looking forward to bringing your digital personality to life.

Miriam | Founder & CEO of Nagaloka


In Indonesian culture, particularly in Bali, the dragon or “Naga” holds great significance. Naga is a divine creature that plays a crucial role in Balinese Hindu mythology and is considered a symbol of cosmic energy and balance. Often associated with water, prosperity and protection, Naga is believed to inhabit bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and the sea.

Discover what Naga means to us:

Naga, often depicted with multiple heads, symbolizes versatility and adaptability. It reflects our ability to handle a variety of projects in different sectors and confidently navigate creative challenges.

In some traditions, Naga represents a balance of opposing forces. It aligns with our commitment to finding harmony in design elements, balancing aesthetics and functionality, tradition and innovation.

Naga is considered a protective entity. This symbolizes our commitment to safeguarding and enhancing the image and brand of our clients through strong and impactful designs.

Naga is a distinctive mythical creature. It inspires us to be unique and provide remarkable products to help our clients stand out.

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